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All of us long for health, wealth, good luck, success, happiness, but how can we get these?
The answer is this: chage your consciousness and take action based on your nature.
Don't you think it's one thing to understand that and it's another to actually do that?
Don't worry, we will make the place where you can accomplish your purposes using feng shui, and lead you to success.

1. housing feng shui lecture

You can realize your dreams if you organize the environment (place)!
By positioning each family member to their appropriate place, they can maintain good health, and have good relationships with each other.
People who can enjoy having dinner together with their family are imaginative, and gentle in general. Such people can make good relationships with other people and get wealth and success.

Fees 52,500 yen (including tax and texts)
Materials 「風水鑑定教科書」by 松永修岳

2. feng shui self analysis lecture

Successful people use luck and their brain very well.
First, you need to know yourself well. Based on your date of birth, let's understand your nature and your flow of luck. By making the most of them, it gets easier to have luck.


Fees 130,000yen (including tax and texts)
Materials 「分析解読書(エネルギー)」 「気学占術分析書 」

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