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Key points of feng shui in a house

1 cleaning
This is the most basic point. By getting rid of unnecessary things, the flow of ki gets better.

2 keep rooms warm
In a cold room, luck will also gets cold. Particularly, you need to keep your room warm in winter. Things that look like cold also make your body cold.

3 symmetry
Basically, you should put furniture or pictures symmetrically. It adjusts the working of the right brain and the left brain.

4 change the air
Don't keep the windows closed. Change the air at least once a day. In a room where the air is stale, the flow of ki gets worse.

5 put something that makes you feel happy
In a room where the sunlight doesn't come in very much, the atmosphere tends to be dark. In that case, it is good to put something that makes you feel happy, like the pictures of your family or boyfriend/girlfriend, dolls, flowers, etc.

6 get rid of things that make you scared
Vivid colored furniture, knives, things that are very sharp, etc give stress to your body.

7 clean the kitchen and the restroom
In feng shui, water is considered to be related to money. If the used plates are left as they are, or the restrooms are stinking, wealth doesn't come in the house.

8 use incandescent lamps
A fluorescent light is often too bright and makes you look pale. By using incandescent lamps, a room gets warm atmosphere. Also, shadows made by them stimulate the right brain.

9 get ready for the surprise guests
Arrange the room so that you can accept surprise guests anytime. Setting the chairs and sofas for guests leads to bringing ki into your house.

10 find the place where you can sleep well
Even if you don't know the directions, try to find the best place for sleeping. You will be able to find the best place.

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