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Feng shui consultation
By analyzing the flow of ki and organizing the environment, you can get health, wealth, luck, and enhance your consciousness
Designing feng shui offices, shops, houses
Feng shui consultation: consultation of layout plans, official trip consultation
21st oriented management strategy consultation
We will give you the management skills that is the best for your company
Company consultation
Private consultation
Real estate consultation
Selling and lending the real estate
Cooperative company: Hashimoto Co., ltd

Interior coordination
Feng Shui coordinaton

Cultivation of human’s potential abilities
Feng shui school
Housing feng shui lecture:
It is an intensive lecture of consulting and coordinating houses.
Licensed feng shui consultants will support you.
Private feng shui lecture:
Each of us has a dream, but it is difficult to realize one's dream.
To realize the dream, you must know yourself well for the first thing.
Why don't you know your real self and understand the flow of luck?
Then, you will have great luck.

Design project
Feng shui designing of interior, jewels, clothes, etc

Health project
Consultation of health
Lessons of breathing, dancing
MANGETSU GOMA LIVE (once a month)
The energy that is generated by the position of the planets has a strong effect on human's brain and spirit. By making the most of it, you can enhance your potential abilities and luck. This event is a must for those who are eager to change their fate and realize dreams.

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