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Feng shui consultation

For companies

Have you noticed that the number of people who quit their job is very small in the company that grows well?
You can develop your company by making the environment where each of the employees can display his/her ability to the full.
Why don't you develop your company by the "21st oriented management strategies"?
21st oriented management strategy consultation
We will give you the management skills that is the best for you
Life consultation
Life flow of the president: how and when he/she should take action to accomplish his/her purpose
Proposal of offices and houses that bring luck
Consultation of talents: by analyzing each employee’s characteristics, we will put him/her to the best place
Consultation of dealings

The charges: 200,000 yen~ /month one-year contract

Activating the economy
For the offices
We will propose layout plans that activate the economy
For the shops
Making the flow line of the people
Placing the gate and register to the appropriate place

The charges:
Consultation of layout plans: 100,000 yen~
Official trip consultation: 200,000 yen~

Architectural plans that contribute to activating the neighborhood

The charges: 50,000 yen~

For individuals

It is only you that can change your fate
By putting yourself in the place where you feel comfortable, excited, your potential abilities will bloom and you can have luck.
Let’s realize your wonderful dream by using feng shui
Curing physical/mental problems

Consultation of layout plans of your house, room: we will propose the plans that bring you luck

Consultation of newly construction, re-construction, when to move, directions, layout etc.

Consultation of the relationships with your family, colleagues, etc

Consultation of jobs

Consultation of a marriage

The charges:
Consultation of layout plans: 50,000 yen~
Official trip consultation: 200,000 yen~

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