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Good living environment makes the 'well-working brain'
Feng shui houses, feng shui offices, feng shui arrangements activate the brain and lead you to success.
Brain is the most important part of an animal and (*)a frontal lobe is especially important. Actually, the ratio of the frontal lobe of higher animals is larger than that of other animals. A frontal lobe is developed by the ability to feel. The people, things, places that make you feel comfortable, excited promote the development of your brain. On the other hand, the people, things, places that make you feel uncomfortable destruct your brain.(for example, people you don’t like, messy room, smelling places, etc) You can make the well-working brain by analyzing the flow of “ki” and organizing the environment (places) Your future depends on your brain.

(*)a frontal lobe
It controls the imagination, memory, communication, motivation, self-discipline, etc. Such actions as thinking, controlling emotions, judging are taken place in a frontal lobe . For humans, it takes up 30% of the brain and for chimpanzees, about 10%. You can develop this part regardless of your age, and if you can do that, you can have a well-working brain.

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