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What is feng shui ?

Feng shui is the technique that helps us make harmony with nature. It was originally made in China. However, it is now regarded as one of the fortune-telling methods that judge the fate of the humans by the date of the birth, directions, etc.
The first thing we want you to understand is that the knowledge of fortune-telling and directions are only a part of feng shui, not its essence.

Even if you are told to put something at a certain place and you actually do it, it doesn't work if it is not of your taste. What is important is to observe the place by yourself. And to observe the place is to try to feel comfortable or not being in the place.
Feng shui is not the difficult idea at all. It only helps you pay attention to what you really feel.

The brain changes the information & energy of the place into emotions, thoughts, power. Therefore, if you can express your dream in colors, shapes, materials, arrangement, sounds, lights, scents, etc, your brain get these information and work to realize the dream.
The point is to let the brain get the information & energy that are needed to accomplish the purpose.

So, if you want to realize your dream, you need to be interested in what kind of "language" that colors, materials, etc have for the brain, and learn the "language". All the things have their own language.
Various things and elements gather and form one place. And that place has its own information and energy. It tells us many things, though it doesn't speak.

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