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Corporate information

Corporate nameAMALA Co., Ltd.
Address 157-0066 Salon de Seijo, 7-14-12, seijyo, setagayaku, Tokyo
TEL:03-3484-8868 FAX:03-3484-8868
web site
Formed2005 may 23rd
RepresentativeCEO Maki Taniguchi
Services and Activities
Feng shui consultation
Designing feng shui offices, shops, houses
Consultation of layout plans, official trip consultation
21st oriented management strategy consultation
Company consultation
Private consultation
Real estate consultation
Selling and lending the real estate
Cooperative company: Hashimoto Co., Ltd.
Cultivation of human's potential abilities
Feng shui seminar
Designing project
Feng shui designing of interior, jewels, clothes, etc
MANGETSU GOMA LIVE (once a month)

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